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Interested in discussing SIS related topics with other practitioners and students in the Oregon community? Our virtual meetings are a great opportunity for you to learn more and share resources with others! 


All upcoming events will be held on a Tuesday from
7:00PM – 7:30PM PDT

Aug 24, 2021
Productive Aging
Connection Event

Aug 31, 2021
Emerging Practice
Connection Event

Occupational Therapy Assiocation of Oregon SIS Liaisons

Work & Industry SIS Liaison: Trevor Tash

Email: otaosis.workindustry@gmail.com

Productive Aging SIS Liaison: Paul Zulak

Email: otaosis.productiveaging@gmail.com

Jackie Fullerton, OTAO SecretaryMental Health SIS Liaison: Jackie Fullerton

Email: otaosis.mentalhealth@gmail.com

Erin Cochran, OTAO SIS Liaison, Pediatrics


Children & Youth SIS Liaison: Erin Cochran

Email: otaosis.childrenyouth@gmail.com

Sensory Integration & Processing SIS Liaison: OPEN POSITION

Email: otaosis.sensoryprocessing@gmail.com

Margaret Wolf, OTAO SIS Liaison, Developmental DisabilitiesDevelopmental Disabilities: Margaret Wolf

Email: otaosis.developmentaldisability@gmail.com

Rehabilitation & Disability: OPEN POSITION

Email: otaosis.rehabdisability@gmail.com

Home & Community SIS Liaison: OPEN POSITION

Email: otaosis.homecommunity@gmail.com

Academic Education SIS Liaison: Mary Greer

Email: otaosis.academiceducation@gmail.com

Emerging Practice SIS Liaison: Paul Zulak 

Email: otaosis.emergingpractice@gmail.com

Retirees SIS Liaison: Charlotte Maloney

Email: otaosis.retirees@gmail.com