OTAO September CE Event Course Survey

Please complete the following questions regarding the course. Upon completion, you will receive your “Certificate of Attendance” for your records. 

Overall, how would you rate your experience for this course?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
This presentation met the goals/objectives of the course.
The topics covered reflected my professional needs.
The presentation contributed new, pertinent data to me.
Attending the presentation was a good use of my time.
I can identify at least three stakeholders to support long-term care programming.
I can describe at least two evidence-based interventions for increasing patient engagement in a long-term setting.
I can name and interpret at least one assessment for patient participation and engagement.
I can describe an appropriate scenario for referral for OT to contribute to patient's care.
Andrea Betts Demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.