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Presented  by Andrea Betts, OTR/L, MOT

Occupational therapy practitioners have a specific skill set and holistic approach, which puts us in a unique position to impact the quality of life of long- term care patients. This course will uncover strategies and resources to develop and implement a sustainable program to target meaningful engagement among long term care patients. By partnering alongside facility staff and key stakeholders, OTs can lead the way to increase patient activation and participation with their own daily routines. Using self-efficacy assessments for social participation and roles can give OT practitioners a powerful metric to move forward with enabling others.

Presented by Ashley Ly, OTS 

This presentation will discuss the literature review of OT’s role in pediatric palliative care and highlight the major gap in the literature. The presentation will also address the ways OTs can participate in palliative care teams in order to support children and their families in experiencing “a good death.” 

Presented by Brian Wilkinson, PT, DPT, CHT, CLT; and Evan Liu, PT, DPT, OCS

Practicing OTs assess a multitude of common upper extremity conditions as standard elements of the routine care they provide. For our presentation, we will present a review of the current literature pertaining to the assessment of common conditions of the upper extremity, including the relevance of the cervical spine as a potential source of symptom etiology. We will address the pertinent anatomy and epidemiology for each condition, provide a brief overview of a typical clinical presentation and disseminate information on promoting a thorough, efficient and evidence-based assessment for a multitude of conditions frequently seen in the shoulder and elbow. A portion of our presentation will involve hands-on practice in order to reinforce the proper application of special tests related to assessing several conditions of the aforementioned regions. Ultimately, we would like to offer our musculoskeletal expertise to facilitate refined clinical decision-making and evidence-based interventions to positively impact treatment outcomes for the shared patient- provider benefit. 

Presented by Christine Van Osdol, OTD, MOTR/L

Gardening activities can contribute to improved mental health, functional capacity, and overall wellness for all people. This presentation focuses on creating accessible, functional, and sensory-rich garden environments for children and people who have disabilities. Learn how gardening can be modified and utilized as “Occupation-as-Means” and “Occupation-as-End”. Chrissy currently has Silver Certification with the Portland Audubon Society Backyard Habitat Certification program.  

Presented by Clark Upton, COTA 

Today’s mature Americans are the most active and community engaged seniors in history, and today’s vehicles possess the most technologically advanced safety features in history. So how can we use these facts to our advantage in order to ensure our driving longevity and continued independence and involvement in our community? CarFit, developed and sponsored by AARP, AAA, and AOTA is designed to help mature drives find the “Perfect Fit” to their vehicle in order to take advantage of the available safety features to increase driving safety. 

Presented by Erin Cochran, MA, OTR/L; Bethany Sloane, PT, DPT; and Deidre McLaughlin, MS, CCC-SLP

Children with complex medical needs, including both cognitive and motor disabilities, have significant limitations in accessing play, mobility, and communication, and may require expensive and potentially socially stigmatizing equipment in order to move and interact with their peers. There is substantial research consistently demonstrating the cognitive, motor, language, and social benefits to children with disabilities when given access to assistive technologies during early childhood, specifically ages 0-3 when given access to assistive technologies, yet obstacles remain to acquire and utilize these tools during this age range. This presentation will review one clinical approach to serving these children and families in order to optimize engagement with these important areas of childhood occupations.

Presented by Justin Teerlinck, MOTR/L 

The Building Hopes and Dreams Program applies strengths-based principles to person-centered practices. I view hope and the construction of meaning as vital tasks that can be accomplished not through ideology, but through deconstructing the components of hope, meaning, and purpose, and teaching people the cognitive skills needed to obtain them. I will discuss the history and evolution of the program, how the program and guidebook were developed while I was a forensic occupational therapist working in the NGRI (not guilty by reason of insanity) program at Western State Hospital and also discuss the program materials: Finding Your Way, A Guide to Building Hopes and Dreams and also Finding Your Way, A Facilitator’s Guide to the Building Hopes and Dreams Program.

Presented by Kelly Nesbitt, OTR/L

Disclaimer: this course contains mature content.

Dr Dottie Higgenbottom OTR/L, PhD, ZZ™ is a seasoned occupational therapy generalist, world-renowned motivational keynote speaker, and founder of the certification program ‘OT ALL AROUND US’ (OTAAU™).

Through the use of storytelling, functional ADL demonstrations, and a few earnest meltdowns – Dr Dottie will rekindle your passion for OT and help you to reconnect with your OT clients, students, and more importantly – with YOURSELF.

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Presented by Lindsey Hoffman, MSOT, OTR/L and Natalie Dillon, MSOT

Domestic violence is an occupational justice issue that restricts an individual’s right to engage in meaningful and diverse occupations. Reports of domestic violence have surged under this year’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, which trap survivors at home with their abusers. Now more than ever, the health and well-being of domestic violence survivors needs to be addressed. Research indicates that survivors of domestic violence struggle to perform several IADL, work, education, social participation, and leisure occupations (Javaherian-Dysinger et al., 2015). Occupational therapy practitioners can empower domestic violence survivors to rebuild their lives through the development of daily living skills and effective coping strategies (Helfrich & Aviles, 2001). This presentation aims to describe how domestic violence disrupts occupational performance, delineate how occupational therapy groups function to empower survivors, and share the presenters’ experiences of providing occupational therapy services at an emergency shelter.  

Presented by Peter Boudreau, OTR

I will be presenting several of the techniques that I have found to be helpful to facilitate a person with hemiparesis recovery of movement and function.   I will be doing an extensive demonstration of a treatment session with a patient, and talk through the thought process as I go.  The patient will be one with little to no active movement, so far.  This workshop will not cover the basics of hemi care, use of FES, or of Kinesiotaping.  Those are all already covered in the series on Youtube that I did at RIO.  This demo will be a more focused on intermediate to advanced treatment techniques.

Presented by Sat Nam Sears, OTD 

This presentation explores ways to support older adults during the time of pandemic and social distancing by helping them learn to utilize online tools to remain engaged in their daily routines and connected to their social networks. How older adults use technology and the best approach to teach older adults new technology was researched. That research was applied to a case study of a single subject who is an older adult and an occupational therapist with the goal of becoming proficient with online skills and tools. The occupational therapy process was utilized including an evaluation, assessment, creating goals and interventions and an outcome evaluation. This presentation will also address the experience of this OT student adjusting to working remotely while learning and teaching new online technological skills and tools.  


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