2020 OTAO Nomination Form

 The report of the Nominating Committee is subject to the right of any member to make nominations provided that submissions are filed with the Nominating Committee with the use of this form. Such nominations and petitions must be submitted by June 10, 2020 11:59 PST.

Once submissions are receieved, the chairman of the Nominating Committee, thereupon, shall notify association members of any nominations and petitions so received and place those names on the ballot. The Nominating Committee is notifying membership of the open officer and director positions and requesting nominations for the open positions only. If one nomination for each position is received, no election will be held and the candidates will automatically be elected to their respective officer or director positions. If multiple nominations are received from the membership for each open position, an email ballot will be sent to all voting members with election being determined by majority vote. 

Note: OTAO members are welcome to nominate themselves or others. 


Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon
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