Legislators, Committees, and Schedules

Find Your Legislator

Use this link by entering your FULL mailing address to find your representatives in the Oregon Legislature: Who Represents Me in Oregon?

Oregon State Senate Listing

The Oregon State Senate Listing  includes all of the Oregon State Senators’ pictures, and contact information.

Oregon House of Representatives Listing

The Oregon House of Representatives Listing includes all of the Oregon State Representatives’ pictures, and contact information.

Oregon Legislative Committees

Oregon’s legislative process is dependent on legislative committees.  Committees are where the majority of the work to shape legislation and public policy is done.

If there are conversations you would like to begin having, be sure to reach out to the Legislative Committee at OTAOLegislativeCommittee@gmail.com. And to keep up with all updates, notifications, and to stay involved in all of the new developments that are important to you, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.