OTAO Creates Diversity Equity Inclusion Task Force 

The Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon (OTAO) is acting on its statement made in early June regarding racial injustices and systemic racism that continue to permeate culture. 

The Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon (OTAO) stands in solidarity with all people who are impacted by racial disparity, oppression, and bigotry. Recent events -- the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor -- have, once again, brought to light the intensity and depth of racism that permeates our communities and culture. We denounce all forms of hatred, violence and disrespect toward human beings. Our stance is consistent with AOTA's statement on justice and racism, which can be found here. 

The OTAO Board of Directors has taken further action and approved to create a Task Force on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. We are committed to making changes individually as board members, at the association level and statewide. We are looking to partner with Oregon OT practitioners (OT/OTA) and students, volunteers, stakeholders and members to create positive and necessary change. 

The OTAO Board of Directors thanks all those who completed our questionnaire by July 14th! We received a great amount of responses and will be announcing our chairpersons and task force shortly. Our plan is to have at least 2 Chairperson's and 6-12 Task Force Members from diverse backgrounds and experiences to lead Oregon OT practitioners and students in creating change for equality. This opportunity is NOT limited to OTAO members and the work of the Task Force will be supported by the OTAO Board of Directors.

The 'attached' document Proposal for OTAO Task Force, which received Board approval on June 30, 2020, specifies a comprehensive framework for the task force to complete its charge. Announcements regarding recruitment of task force co-chairs and members are forthcoming.

Proposal for OTAO Task Force PDF

Task Force Chairperson

Task Force Members

 Kebra Rogers 

Katie-Ann Kailey 

Mia Hughey 

Alan Harris 

Dan Garrison 

Shannon Wagner 

Mara Erb 

Fallon Roderick 

Brittany Behrendt

Erin Taylor 

Lindsey Hoffman 

Kelsey Koll 

Stacey Vieyra-Braendle 

Claudia Anukam 

Johanka Lacolucci

Karen Peasley 

Janvi Patel 

Juliet Paul Naone 

Tess Sorensen 

Ashley Rigas 

Savel Sabol 

Nicole Villegas

We are looking for Chairperson's and Task Force Members!

If you are interested in acting as chair of OTAO's DEI Task Force or volunteering to be a part of the Task Force, please fill out our very quick questionnaire below by July 14, 2020 by 11:59 PM PST. The Task Force will be composed of approximately 6-12 members of diverse backgrounds and experiences. This opportunity is NOT limited to OTAO members. The work of the Task Force will be supported by OTAO Board of Directors. 


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