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OTAO Committees

Committees Table of Contents


The membership committee is responsible for collaborating with all other OTAO committees, Board of Directors, sections, special interest groups, and staff liaisons on: key strategies, challenges, and needs of Oregon’s local practitioners; so they may provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement, and retention.

OTAO Conference

The OTAO conference committee plans each Annual Conference. This is typically a year long planning process, where committee members finalize a venue location (2 in Portland, 1 away is current standard), obtain speakers and posters, obtain exhibitors and sponsors, obtain auction items for student scholarships, and maintain constant contact with the association manager. To volunteer and be a part of the planning team, please click here


The legislative committee works closely with OTAO’s lobbyist and Board of Directors, to assist, create and carry out action plans to defend or assist OT practice in Oregon, collaborate with the Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board for both legislative and licensing issues, collaborate with AOTA on both state and federal legislative issues that affect OT practice in Oregon, plan and carry out one occupational therapy legislative day in Salem each year, and submit articles to newsletters and/or emails outlining current state and federal legislation that affects OT practice when in session. To volunteer and be a part of legislative team, please click here


The marketing committee coordinates the functions of the marketing to meet the needs of the community practitioners and market the functions of OTAO. To do this, the committee actively completes public relations and advertising activities, assists in the recruitment of new OTAO members, and maintains accurate records regarding financial expenditures.


The continuing education committee actively creates, coordinates, and provides opportunities for local practitioners and students to earn CE credits at OTAO events, workshops, and the Annual OTAO Conference.


It is the policy of OTAO to have a representative from the OT academic programs to represent the perspective of the faculty from each educational institution. The representative shall submit an article to the newsletter on quarterly basis, shall attend scheduled OTAO Board meetings, shall be a liason between faculty and the Board of Directors, and shall provide the board with updated information on issues affecting the education of the OT profession.


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